Will We Survive Sequestration?

To hear the alarmists scream, sequestration will be worse than an earthquake combined with a half-dozen tsunamis, a full-scale war and a dust bowl thrown in to boot.

What are they talking about? Sequestration cuts will amount to less than 3% of federal spending. (I’ve read percentage rates ranging from 2.4% to “less than 3%.”) How in the world is a cut of less than 3% going to devastate airports, hospitals, police forces, schools, and emergency workers?

Breathes there a soul who doesn’t think they could find 3% waste in any — repeat, any —govmint operation? Tomorrow?

I can’t see it. When it comes to undue panic, Chicken Little is a piker compared to this administration.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll know within a few days.

My worst fear: If sequestration does take place I fear that the powers-that-be will set out to make sure all of the predicted bad things really do happen.

What a mess!