Service Commitment

People who are committed to service excellence know why their jobs are important. They know their work has meaning. They know that they are providing something to the customer, something that is important and meaningful. If people feel like they are giving something of value, then they will also find value in how they provide it.

In a recent workshop on motivation and teamwork held at a Las Vegas hotel, there was a wide variety of hotel employees: chefs, cocktail waitresses, poker dealers, human resources and other professional staff. It was quite a mixture of folks. Prior to the start of the workshops, when asked why he liked his job, one of the chefs replied that he like his job because he “made creations” that satisfy people and make them happy. His enthusiasm was contagious.  There was someone who understood the meaning of his job. His job certainly involves cooking meats, roasting vegetables, and making wonderful sauces, but the end result is satisfaction and happiness. In fact, every employee in the Las Vegas hotel contributes to or takes away from the entertainment of every customer who walks through the door. The top employees at the Las Vegas hotel understand that they deliver an entertainment experience (whether that be found in food or activity), and that is what defines excellent customer service.

If people understand what it is that they deliver and why it is important, they feel their job makes a difference---whether it be in the entertainment/hospitality industry or aviation. A pilot does not just transport passengers from Point A to Point B. The maintenance engineer does not just fix the aircraft. The line service professional does not just fuel the aircraft. The customer service rep does not just secure ground transportation. The organizations that deliver excellent customer service are the ones whose team members are passionate about their jobs because they believe in what they do.  A leader may mandate that employees attend training or make changes, but if this same leader does not work to gain commitment and understanding, then there will be no change in culture and no commitment to service excellence.

*(Source: from the book Building A Customer Service Culture: The Seven ServiceElements of Customer Success, by Mario Martinez & Bob Hobbi)