109 Years of Powered Flight

December 17, 1903 is celebrated by most as the date when powered flight began; the day when the Wright Brothers first successfully flew a powered airplane. Over the years and decades historians have written about the two brothers and their contribution to this great industry of ours. Thanks to the efforts of organizations such as our own AMTSociety constant recognition of Charles Taylor’s role in the first powered flight are not forgotten.

Earlier this year the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Association (AMTA) under the lead of Ken MacTiernan who is also an AMTSociety director, led a fund raising effort and secured a space on the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum’s Wall of Honor for the name of Charles E. Taylor. Having Charles E. Taylor's name inscribed on this Wall of Honor will help have Charlie permanently remembered by millions of visitors to this world class museum.

Being involved with industry organizations, local schools, and attending aviation events is one way you can continue to support and promote aviation and the role of the Aircraft Maintenance Technician. It seems on a weekly basis AMT is contacted by small and larger groups and aviation event organizers asking for our participation. Many ask the same question, “How do we involve more maintenance people in our groups and events”. As a New Year’s resolution consider getting involved and join the AMTSociety by visiting http://www.amtsociety.org/.

Have a happy and safe holiday season, Ron