The Great Trip

No gripes in this blog today. I just finished a five-day trip during which everything went very well indeed, thank you. It was downright enjoyable.

I was on USAir and/or the line’s connection flights the entire way.

Funny thing — I’m a Million Miler on Delta, and therefore don’t have to pay for the first bag. I’ve had to ride mostly USAir this year, though, and have learned to appreciate the airline.

When I call USAir a recorded voice quickly responds and announces, “Hello, Ralph — we have matched your phone number with your dividend miles account.”

I like that. It makes me feel like a person instead of a number.

The first flight, on Monday of last week, was from Bristol to Charlotte to Harrisburg,PA, and the weather was a bit iffy going into Harrisburg. That added a bit of stress for me because I had to be there in time for my speech.

The approach down the ILS into Harrisburg was picture perfect. Talk about a stable approach, I don’t remember any jerks or quick power changes at all. We broke out of the clouds and touched down almost immediately. We rather expected that “Sully” was our pilot.

Y’all, both pilots were female. I can’t wait to tell that story when speaking for the Women In Aviation convention in March. They’ve come a long way, baby.

The next flights were Harrisburg to White Plains, NY, where the speech was for the Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association, or WAMA. This was my third appearance for WAMA, and they are a wonderful group.

On the flights home came the first glitch, with a one-and-a-half-hour delay in Charlotte. Every other leg arrived on time or a bit early, and by then I was perfectly ready to cut the airline a little slack. They deserved it.

It was a great trip.

(How.’bout that, Yankee Bob?)