Leaders Lead …

Seriously, aviation!

I have had an opportunity to work in some pretty cool industries over the span of a 25-year magazine/media career. I rode the rails in the railroad/intermodal industry, then hit the water while working on boating magazines in the 1980s and 1990s. In the 1990s, I launched my own publishing business in Southern California before moving to the coatings industry. I was then approached by an association to build a new magazine, and in this role I created and ran a magazine, handled trade show sales and operated a live summit event. After this incredible ride, I now get to take to the skies and lead the Aviation Group at Cygnus Business Media.

Leadership is the one commonality I’ve found within all the industries I have been a part of. At the core of every successful organization - be it a publishing company, a railroad, a boating manufacturer or a ground service provider - is strong leadership that propels the operation toward a common goal.

The phrase “leaders lead” knows no boundaries. But while it’s true that good leaders step up and take charge, great leaders look closely at their teams and rely on each and every member for their organizations’ success.

Over my career, I have learned that the most successful leaders in any industry typically have a strong support structure in place and use every member of their teams to their fullest potential. How do you do this?

  • Serve as an inspiration. Paint a vision for the future that others want to be a part of.
  • Support your team. Promote a safe environment for them to speak up, take risks and make decisions.
  • Engage team members in all that you do. Offer challenges and seek out their ideas and contributions.
  • Recognize team members for a job well done. Don’t keep the accolades to yourself. Praise your team and give them recognition for the work that they do.

The Cygnus Aviation Group has at its core an incredible team; a team ready to help you lead your own teams to an incredible future. Our aviation magazines, which include Ground Support Worldwide, Aircraft Maintenance Technology and Airport Business, offer in-depth insight into the aviation market while our website, www.AviationPros.com, is accessed by more than 200,000 visitors a month!

Let’s work together to drive innovation and success in a cooperative environment.


Brett Ryden Brett@AviationPros.comPublisher, AviationPros Group