New Year, New Look, New Content

As you read last month, this year Aircraft Maintenance Technology celebrates its 25th year of continuous publication. We felt a celebration that begins now would provide our readers a year-long look at the industry from a then and now perspective. Many of this year’s articles will focus on aircraft maintenance over the past 25 years or more, advancements over a quarter century, and a glimpse at the future. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

As you read through this issue you will notice a few differences from months and years past. A new cover logo and slightly redesigned pages give way to completely new feature sections. Gone are the feature titles like Recip Technology or Airframe Technology. To better serve all segments of this wonderful industry new feature sections will be titled, General Aviation; Business Aviation, Airlines, Commercial MRO, Military, and more. We’ll continue to provide our Industry Outlook, Management Matters, and FAA sections with articles from a variety of prominent aviation figures.

And, as long as we’re talking about new and different, you’ll also see a new writer this month. We are very pleased to have Jerry Chandler on board as one of our regular writers. Jerry is an award winning journalist known by many throughout the industry. He’s authored countless aviation articles for decades in several leading aviation publications.

This month you will read about the trend over the past few decades on the use of composites in aircraft manufacturing, along with maintenance trends now and in the future. You can also read about NDI/NDT from a then-and-now perspective.

Did you know that 25 years ago 150 people gathered in the Phoenix, AZ, area for the very first Women in Aviation Conference? This aviation networking event was the catalyst for what is now known as Women in Aviation International. Read more about the history of the WAI annual convention in this issue.

One part of this combined January/February issue remains the same as previous years. Again this year we provide aircraft maintenance technicians holding an Inspection Authorization our 2014 exam with questions based on the 2013 issues of Aircraft Maintenance Technology. You can also take this exam on at the following link,

Enjoy, Ron