AMTSociety Update

AMTSociety lends its support to the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, presented by the Aerospace Maintenance Association in 2014.

Tim Wright, the composites instructor responsible for developing the Composite Technology program at WITC, regularly contributes composite repair articles to Aircraft Maintenance Technology magazine. Several months ago the subject of training aids for the new program was discussed between Wright and Donner. Students enrolled in the program can now learn composite repair techniques on real airplane parts. 

Announcement of the donation was made during Donner’s visit to WITC in September. The Superior and Douglas County Chamber of Commerce and WITC hosted an open house to showcase many of the school's technical offerings, including the new Composites Technology course, along with local companies typically employing graduates from WITC. On display in the composite lab during the event was a fuselage mock-up for Kestrel Aircraft’s all composite turbo-prop aircraft.



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