Top 40 Under 40: Naveen Bandla

Naveen Bandla is a dynamic, high-performing aviation professional with 15 years of extensive experience working with top global airlines and airports in the areas of air service development, flight scheduling, network planning, forecasting, and fleet optimization. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a Master’s degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in operations research.

Nearly 12 years of airline consulting experience, implementing customized network forecasting and optimization decision support solutions to drive increased revenues, helped Bandla develop a profound understanding of aviation industry economics.

In the last three years with the Air Service Development team at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Bandla has played a strategic role in developing key relationships with international airlines and creating critical business cases to sell the viability of DFW to potential new customers. He was part of the team that brought prestigious global airlines like Qantas and Emirates to DFW, amongst many others, during a record period of new air service to DFW. “Helping to bring in global flagship carriers ... has been an extremely rewarding experience of my stint thus far at DFW,” he says.

Bandla is also responsible for developing the passenger and aircraft landed weight budgets for the airport. He uses market intelligence to interpret industry trends, and forecasts the effect on passenger volumes at the airport. Bandla is a seasoned industry expert in aviation analytics, forecasting, and decision support systems.

Bandla has traveled extensively across many continents to conferences and airline headquarters to pursue new air service opportunities. “I love traveling to different countries, developing relationships, and selling airlines on why they need to get to DFW. It’s a win-win situation for the airline flying in and for the airport,” he adds.