Five Traits of 2013's Top 40 Under 40

As you read about the winners of our second-annual Top 40 Under 40 contest, you will find a few commonalities among them.

Love of Learning. They didn’t graduate from college with their Bachelor’s degree and call it a day. They have Master’s degrees, PhD’s, industry certifications, and more. And they continue to find new ways to grow and learn every day.

No “I” in TEAM. These folks know how to rally a team behind a project and get r’ done. They employ emotional intelligence with their employees and find ways to empower them. And there isn’t a single one of them who takes all the credit for the projects they’ve been a part of. Time and again, they told me how this or that project wouldn’t have been possible without their team, and it’s not just lip service: These leaders mean it!

Go Above and Beyond. These are individuals who know what their job is and then find ways to take it to the next level. Good enough is not good enough for them. They want to excel, and they do.

Pay it Forward. They find ways to give back and are active in their communities. Our winners teach and mentor future aviation leaders. They volunteer in community organizations. They hold seats in industry organizations, and they are active participants in city, state and federal government.

A Passion for Aviation. They have a passion for what they do. It doesn’t matter if they’re in aviation finance, part of the architectural team on a new terminal, creating software for airports to use, or flying a plane. They love aviation! And they are passionate about being able to help shape its future.

Aviation’s young movers and shakers clearly know how to get the job done right, the first time and under budget, and it’s exactly these traits that make them worthy of our Top 40 Under 40 distinction.

Congrats to our winners (there is actually 41 because we had a tie among the judges)! We look forward to the year’s ahead as we watch you continue to grow and shape the future of aviation!