Euro Jet Builds Niche In Serving Under-served Markets In Eastern Europe And Central Asia

Ground handling service provider provides consistent service levels from its Prague service center to 200 locations in 30 countries.

While we are a big company, we operate like a small family and really know what everyone is doing and, ultimately, this leads to a lack of bureaucracy and ability to get things done fast. This is, of course, essential in this kind of industry.


Q: From a marketing standpoint, what economic forces are trending in your markets that help grow your business?

A: The Eastern European and Central Asian market are certainly rapidly developing markets. Eastern Europe is one of the top manufacturing hubs for Europe, especially in parts of Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia continue to be very attractive vacation destinations. We have especially seen this in Tivat, Montenegro. Furthermore Central Europe remains a very strategic location for different military movements and is perfect for fuel stops in between Central Asia and the Middle East. Central Asia remains a key location for natural reasons, including oil and natural gas. Furthermore there are many cities like Baku in Azerbaijan and Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan that offer excellent refueling capabilities for flights headed toward India and China respectively.


Q: How is business going so far in 2013?

A: Fortunately, 2013 has seen record growth for the company. While the aviation sector had a slow start in traffic in 2013, we feel it has really picked up the past few months and we can verify all the other articles that are popping up saying that there is a record growth in private aviation.

We are planning on exceeding 6,000 flights this year and have been expanding our reach to set-up flights throughout Africa, South America, and South East Asia rather than just in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We feel that many companies that have to pick between many different set-up companies, realize that Euro Jet is the only one with the kind of presence that we have throughout our core region.

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