Preventative Maintenance For Towbars

The often overlooked towbar needs scheduled maintenance just like any other piece of ground support equipment.

Once the entire towbar has been inspected, it is a good time to perform corrosion control.

Towbars tend to get plenty of scratches, scrapes and nicks. A light sanding is usually all that’s required to take the surface down to bare metal. After a little bit of primer and paint, any company decals and unit numbers can be replaced as needed. Your towbar will now be 100 percent serviceable and look better while performing its duty.


Kenneth DeVolpi, manager of sales and marketing and special projects, has worked for Matheson for more than three years and has been in the aviation industry for more than 20 years, including 15 years with Northwest Airlines. Jason Chapman works in the company’s GSE maintenance department and gained GSE mechanical experience with the U.S. Air Force and has worked in the commercial GSE industry for 12 years.

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