Color-Coded Safety Signage Prevents Accidents On The Ramp

Safety signage assists ramp agents with understanding possible hazards in the operation and any actions that may need to be taken to prevent an accident.

  • The purpose of color coding.
  • The purpose of accident prevention signs and tags.
  • The different types of accident prevention signs and tags that may be found in operations.
  • The proper use of specific signage or tags.
  • The meanings of symbols and wording that are on accident prevention signs and tags.
  • The special precautions that need to be taken when this signage is displayed in operations.

Ramp agents may also encounter accident/injury prevention tags. These tags are a temporary means of warning about a hazardous condition or an out of service piece of ground service equipment. Accident prevention tags should be used to prevent accidental injury or property damage.

For example; a “Do Not Start” tag should be placed in a conspicuous location in order to effectively block the starting mechanism. An “Out of Order” tag, naturally, should be used to indicate that a piece of equipment or machinery is out of order and may cause an injury if used.

Accident prevention signage and tags should not be considered as the solution to any hazardous condition; however, they are necessary to communicate these hazards to prevent injury to employees and customers and damage to equipment or facilities. Ultimately, any hazard in the operation should be eliminated. Accident prevention signage and tags are required, if a hazard exists in an operation and these signage and tags must be used until the hazard can be eliminated.


Kevin P. Crowley, an analyst for ground safety programs, JetBlue Airways Corp., started on the ramp in Buffalo, NY, in 1993. He’s been with JetBlue for 12 years and began as an instructor at JetBlue University and taught aircraft servicing for the A320 and E190. He has additional experience in HAZMAT and dangerous goods; winter ops and deicing; and is a certified OSHA instructor.

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