Focused Footage at the FBO

Adding a digital surveillance system helps Millennium Aviation secure assets, safeguard staff and passengers, and shield itself from false liability claims

Images can be clear as daylight, but they are rendered meaningless without an efficient way to store and search captured footage, says Ramsay.

Millennium Aviation’s system uses the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) network video management software with High-Definition Stream Management™ technology. Employees also use ACC Mobile to view live and recorded images wirelessly from anywhere on the network, and employ an Avigilon network video recorder (NVR) to store up to 30 days of continuous coverage on a 15-terabyte server.

The software tools in place allow Millennium users to get detailed information when an event occurs. This is a significant reason why such a system makes sense, Ramsay adds, noting that the system can prevent theft, and protect the FBO from potential liability from an event they may have had nothing to do with. In previous months, there was a claim regarding an aircraft towing movement. Millennium Aviation officials viewed video footage to learn how the aircraft was moved and to make sure employees moved it properly. “There was the potential for about a $30,000 claim,” says Knight. “Because of the footage, we didn’t have a claim at all.”

Avigilon really shines in its ability to search video quickly and easily, according to Miller. “You can sit down and within 5 minutes, without training, be searching through live video. It’s very intuitive software to use.” Video footage can be searched by pixel or by thumbnails. With a pixel search, the user highlights the area of the image they want to see and searches for motion events in that area. They may also highlight an area within a thumbnail image and search that way. “Searching video is easy, intuitive, and dare I say, fun,” says Miller. Once users find the event they are looking for, they can capture that event and export it in a format that can be easily viewed by others.

The system’s remote viewing capabilities are also a benefit, adds Knight. Managers can coordinate with line service workers, and direct employees remotely to meet incoming/outgoing customers’ specific needs. “We can easily watch and monitor cameras from an iPad, iPhone or an Android digital device,” he says. “The searchability is a little more limited but it does provide good live video in real time.”

Millennium Aviation has even used the system’s remote viewing capabilities to train staff. When there are new personnel or personnel are operating new pieces of equipment, managers can view video footage as employees work and train them from wherever they are. “In one instance I was able to work with the operator via cell phone to give him better instructions on the areas he needed to operate the equipment on,” says Knight. “That saved an incredible amount of time. I was able to coordinate and train immediately versus having to wait and have that discussion at a later date.”

The FBO even uses the system to determine when snow removal is needed, monitor weather conditions and more. “They are finding new and innovative ways to use the system, other than just for security,,” says Stephanie Von Zuben, Avigilon communications specialist.

When millions of dollars of assets are on the line, it pays for companies like Millennium Aviation to add focused footage to their FBOs. An HD surveillance system packs a tremendous punch in the form of premium savings, liability protection, secured assets, safe employees and more.

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