Where To Find A Skilled GSE Technician

Without a well-trained GSE technician your equipment may not start, but your problems sure do.

This way we can see if our new helper shows a real interest in the job before we take up everyone’s time to train a helper to become a real mechanic. Of course, this only works if you possess an experienced technician that can ultimately train and mentor such a person.

But by training such a rookie, you eventually produce a GSE technician from an area that had none to spare. An upside to this is a person can be trained almost from scratch to your liking, without any of the bad habits that could accompany an already trained person.

Look at it this way: You will be providing an avenue for one more person to enter our community – and we find that pretty valuable.

Once you’ve made a hiring decision, keep in mind one thing that is extremely helpful to all GSE mechanics no matter their background. High-quality education offered by some manufacturers, TLD and JBT Aerotech to name only a couple, provide excellent training for their equipment free of charge.

Believe me, these schools are a must for a company that wants its technicians to operate at a higher level. Because of all this specialized training, personal skill and other important qualities, a solid, experienced GSE technician is a rare commodity. This market is tough and very competitive. You always need to keep the well-trained GSE technician on your team.


Kenneth DeVolpi, manager of sales and marketing and special projects manager, has worked for Matheson for more than three years and has been in the aviation industry for more than 20 years, including 15 years with Northwest Airlines. Jason Chapman works in the company’s GSE maintenance department and gained GSE mechanical experience with the U.S. Air Force and has worked in the commercial GSE industry for 12 years.

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