A Salute to the V2500

International Aero Engines celebrates 30th birthday

Aftermarket service

IAE also provides the V2500 owners and operators with a comprehensive support package. They have on-call and scheduled maintenance, AOG support, engine leasing, spare parts, and deep technical support through the Global Operations Center (GOC). Located in East Hartford, CT, the GOC provides around the clock support for the full line of P&W and IAE engines, helping customers with all technical, maintenance, and spare parts related problems.

IAE has a network of more than 90 field service representatives located in more than 50 cities worldwide that provide specific in-depth troubleshooting, diagnostics, and maintenance-related support for V2500 engine customers. These service reps are backed up by technical support teams that are IAE’s engine components, systems, and performance engineers. IAE also has a large pool of V2500s (all models) located around the world available for short or long-term leases.


About 60 percent of the operating V2500-A5 engines and more than 80 percent of future deliveries are covered by a V-ServicesSM agreement. This is IAE’s menu of services that owners and operators can choose from to match their engine maintenance needs. These service agreements are centrally managed by IAE and give customers continuous engine condition monitoring and timely maintenance. Customers also have access to IAE’s global network of OEM services, maintenance facilities, and spare engine pools. IAE offers customers four primary V-Services options — two for engine maintenance and two leasing and spare options.

One maintenance option is a Fleet Hour Agreement which covers 24/7 on-wing monitoring that reduces flight disruptions caused by unscheduled engine pulls and subsequent shop visits. The other is Fixed Price Maintenance for customers that manage their own fleets and gives their planners more control over scheduling, bills of work, and shop visit cost. For spare coverage, customers can have access to IAE’s emergency lease pool or choose the “pay-as-you-go” option that provides engines during peak periods of engine fleet maintenance without the burden of holding additional spare engines during nonpeak periods.

To complete the support coverage, IAE offers a variety of technical training courses that can be delivered at customer sites or IAE shareholder training centers.

Recognition of a job well done

This year IAE will celebrate 24 years in service with the V2500 and its 30thanniversary as a company. “The prediction is that the V2500 will continue service for at least another 30 years. With the recent IAE collaboration agreement extension to 2045 and the substantial fleet of V2500s in service, this joint venture has secured its standing as a global aviation leader for decades to come,” says Beatty.

Bob Rosati said, “Someone predicted that the IAE consortium would become a case study at the Harvard Business School. I predict it will be a case study in success.” Rosati’s prediction certainly came true. Over the past 30 years, IAE has accomplished virtually every goal it set for itself. To date, more than 5,500 V2500 engines have been delivered and approximately 1,800 more are on backlog, which is equivalent to another four to five years of production. Today, production is at record levels at nearly two engines a day and new orders continue to be placed. Customers are choosing the V2500 for most of the reasons that Rosati predicted.

Having the IAE collaboration operating for 30 years to date and at least for another 30 years is an impressive example of what can be done when diverse groups of people focus on solving problems rather than on their differences.

After a long and successful career, Robert “Bob” E. Rosati retired from P&W in 2004 and on Oct. 24, 2012 at the age of 88, passed away quietly. Bob and IAE, thanks for showing us how leaders can collaborate and get things done for our common good. AMT


For a look at the progression of the engine, check out 30 Years of Superior Technology: http://www.i-a-e.com/timeline.pdf.

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