AviationPros LIVE 2013 Highlights

Products and people, plus live webcasting enlivened this year's show.

We held our AviationPros LIVE event last month in Las Vegas, NV. Here are a few highlights:

New Products

  • Harlan Global Manufacturing, unveiled its latest model on the last day of the show. The Trans-Con Model HTSB is available with U.S./Euro emission-compliant engines. The compact tractor offers a shorter wheelbase and low profile design with excellent all-around visibility. Designed for heavy-duty cargo and baggage operations, this unit can also be used for pushbacks of small aircraft (with the front hitch option package). Available options include complete cab assembly, heat/defrost, mirrors, beacons, variety of hitches and suspension style to name a few.
  • Corvus Energy displayed one of 21 baggage tractors Spirit Airlines will retrofit with Corvus’ CorPower lithium electric GSE retrofit kits. Spirit estimates a fuel reduction savings of 25,000 gallons of gasoline per year, resulting in reduction of greenhouse gases by an estimated 243 tons of carbon.
  • Man Lift Engineering displayed Proxy Shield, technology that can be installed on most any scissor lift that stops the lift and alerts the operator when distance between the lift and an object becomes too close.
  • Clyde Machines Inc. displayed its new Maintenance Stand that features non-slip, self-cleaning steps and platform floor with a 500-pound capacity. Heavy-duty casters and 16-inch solid tires make it easy to move. Upper-platform railings can be lifted out and stored below. Mid-platform railings can be easily swung down and out of the way. Platform heights are 57, 75 and 86 inches.
  • Liquip International released its new Power TORQUE™ aviation fueling technology designed to significantly reduce both ongoing operational and maintenance costs associated with aviation refueling trucks.
  • Page Industries, one of those new “old” names, displayed a range of ground power and PCA products. Although the business was started in 1976, much of its equipment was sold as private label. That strategy changed just last year. Along with new product, we saw some old faces, namely Brian Piety, executive vice president, and Dale Miller, vice president.


New Leaders

Ground Support Worldwide honored its winners of three Ground Support Leaders of the Year awards during a Keynote Reception, March 13:

  • Product Leader: Tronair for its Softcapture™ feature on its Jetporter line. The Softcapture tows aircraft without straps and without touching the oleo strut or any part of the nose landing gear, and driver never leaves the cockpit. Throttle speed limit safety switch reduces speed when approaching the aircraft. Forward motion safety switch disengages the throttle when the forward motion safety bar contacts the nose tire.
  • Team Leader: Travis Blair, managing director, ground support/administration for American Eagle Airlines. Otherwise known as “The GSE Cowboy,” Blair has been an industry leader for the past 15 years maintaining ramp equipment.
  • Lifetime Achievement: Bill Biermann retired last December after more than six decades of working in the aviation industry. Biermann took his first job in 1951 as a field agent for Pan American World Airways. Years later, he implemented a program in 1979 for the operation of 600 electric bag tractors for Eastern Airlines. Ultimately, Biermann wrapped up his long career at Charlatte of America joining the company in 1995.

Read more about the Softcapture Jetporter on page 6. We’ll also publish cover stories on Blair in our May issue, and on Biermann in our June/July issue.


20th Birthday

We threw a party for ourselves to mark 20 years publishing the leading voice of the ground support community. We had our February cover story on “The History Of Ground Support Equipment,” blown up to form a 7-foot tall display. We also arranged for Chuck Maire, a retired Northwest Airlines captain and chairman of the National Museum of Commercial Aviation to discuss his museum, which in the process of developing its own history of GSE. The last we heard the museum might be receiving an old jetbridge from show exhibitor Ameribridge. We do know that our big display was shipped off to the museum after the show.

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