No Spill Zone

Closed-loop fluid transfer systems protect the integrity of the fluid from the original container to the aircraft.

While his original products worked with 55-gallon drums, Benson has moved to smaller-sized fluid transfer systems that can store just 1-gallon of oil with a pump rated at 175 psi. Other new lines can hold 2-, 5- and 20-gallon of oil with some of the heaver sizes designed to be towed to the aircraft.

“Currently our goal is to become the leader of fluid handling products in the airlines and other industries that will protect the environment from all of their fluid handling,” Benson adds. “Our products will provide better control of all fluids such as oil, fuel chemicals, etc.

The USMDI strategy is two-fold. One is to provide long-term employment for the people involved in the company. Two is to create many new products for all industries that apply to its systems.

“While having one market in hand, the penetration of new markets is a logical maneuver,” Benson explains. “And spin-offs from this product line will come in often, expanding our market potential.”

USMDI is unique because it is a “virtual” business. This means that USMDI does not have to rent a large building space for offices nor does it have heavy capital equipment expenses. All of the production of major components is outsourced to local companies.

For example, USMDI uses local machines shops and molders for the production of its proprietary parts. The final assembly is handled currently in house until the sales volume increase.

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