Aircraft Recycling

Going green and growing

The cycle continues

Our space and aviation industry has a huge environmental impact and carbon footprint. It is our companies and our individual responsibility to ameliorate that impact and reduce our carbon footprint through the life cycle of our aircraft. It is gratifying to know that organizations like AFRA are helping define standards and best practices for aircraft end-of-life events. Major OEMs are being recognized as responsible end-to-end product managers, and companies like Aircraft Demolition are processing aging and out of service aircraft. They harvest the serviceable parts and components, process e-waste and return valuable American strategic resources to the supply chain. As AMTs, our challenge will be to adapt to the rate of change in our industry and to find that elusive job satisfaction. Whether it is at the leading edge of aviation manufacturing and technology or in the recycling yard, the possibilities are endless. AMT


For more information on Aircraft Demolition call (952) 224-2424 or visit For more information on Aircraf Fleet Recycling Association visit or call (202) 347-6899.


Charles Chandler has a Master’s of Science degree in adult and occupational education with a major in human resources development.

Charles Chandler began his aviation career as a junior mechanic for American Airlines and retired after 27 years of service.

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