Who's In Charge Here?

Some Say Airport Sponsors Are Taking Over Too Many FBOs

For these and many other reasons, advocates of the FBO business are proposing national standards for RFPs at airports. Arguing that each airport is part of the federal airway system, they say that it is in the national best interest that a level playing field is established. Opponents argue that such regulation would assume too much of a “one size fits all” inequity.

The debate is in full swing, and the resulting shakeout will have a profound effect on airport infrastructure going forward.

About the author

Mark Phelps is an aviation writer and editor living in New Jersey. His work history includes years on the staffs of Flying Magazine, the Experimental Aircraft Associations publications division, Dassault Falcon Jet and Aviation International News, where for 13 years he wrote the monthly column on FBOs “Touching Bases.” He is an instrument-rated pilot and owns an IFR-equipped 1954 Beech Bonanza.

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