Techbytes Feb/March13

Aircraft Grading Standard

Asset Insight, Inc. announces its system that enables buyers, sellers, financial services companies, and other entities to accurately evaluate an aircraft’s maintenance condition. Asset Insight’s new Asset Grading System Process provides parties holding, or planning to hold, a financial interest in an aircraft, a simple-to-understand, uniform index for evaluating and comparing different aircraft’s technical conditions;

Airport Trends For 2013

In September 2012, SimpliFlying surveyed 55 of the most “digital” airports across the globe to gain a better understanding of how they are positioning social media within overall airport marketing, communications, and organizational, and how they are leveraging social media to meet other specific marketing and business objectives. Among the top three goals airports are looking to drive are brand engagement, customer service, and revenue. In 2013, not only will the overall social media budgets for airports increase, airports will focus on driving revenues, providing better customer service, and learn a little more about travelers to cater their offerings better;

Airport TV Network

Clear Channel Airports (CCA) announces that travelers who went to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport for this year’s Football Superbowl Championship were among the first to experience the new ClearVision airport television network. Featuring national and local news, music, and sports from more than 140 content partners, ClearVision is a dynamic and new entertainment network that enhances travelers’ airport experience. The installation of ClearVision is part of Louis Armstrong International Airport’s $356 million modernization program;

Allegiant Systems’ FlyDesk

Through the cloud-based platform FlyDesk, operators can deploy seamless automation solutions fleet-wide, efficiently and more cost-effectively, says the company. The iPad-based technology allows cabin crew to manage all reporting and manuals digitally, making it quicker and easier to address unforeseen problems as they arise. FlyDesk enables increased revenue opportunities for airlines, with faster deployment, scaling, and continuous support;

Boomerang Website Update

Boomerang Air Charter announces that it has updated its website to include additional flight travel solutions for Northeast Florida. Boomerang Air Charter provides travelers with various options in utilizing general aviation aircraft for personal or business use. Boomerang was founded in 2003, and offers service to more than 5,500 airports across the country;

Interior Design App

The Jet Business team has developed an app where clients can visualize a variety of business jet cabins in a full-size replication. Clients can experiment with a full 3D interior view of a wide variety of business jet cabins at the company’s London showroom. The app features comparative graphic images and full size 1:1 cabin cross-sections of the jets. It also allows potential purchasers to change the style of aircraft seats, cabinetry veneers, and soft furnishings in a virtual life-size representation of the cabin;

NextGen In Portland

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is planning to start NextGen technology supported flights at Portland International Airport (PDX) in Oregon from 2013. Through the use of new Area Navigation (RNAV) approach procedures, the NextGen program allows for a more efficient and environmentally friendly satellite-based air traffic control (ATC) system. The design phase of new RNAV approaches, which were aimed at connecting future arrival routes from the north, east, and south, involved FAA along with the PDX Citizens Noise Advisory Committee, the Port of Portland, and airlines.