Industry News Dec/Jan13

Extended Briefs: Obama Signs Bill On EU Emissions Program The new law was a response to an EU program that places a cap on carbon dioxide emissions from industrial polluters. Early this year, the law was expanded to include all airlines flying into...

NTSB — urges the implementation of fire suppression systems in all cargo planes. Federal investigators say the government should require fire suppression systems in all cargo containers or compartments of planes to prevent the kind of ferocious in-flight blazes that have killed four cargo pilots over the past six years.

TAC AIR — Salt Lake City (SLC) and Provo (PVU) are now part of the Phillips 66 Aviation-branded dealer network. TAC Air acquired the Salt Lake City and Provo FBOs this year, building the general aviation chain to 14 locations, 12 of which are in the Phillips 66 Aviation network.

WATERTOWN INT’L AIRPORT — the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency looks to 45 acres of undeveloped land east of the airport’s taxiway that it owns for the establishment of the corporate park. The park is envisioned as a hub for transportation and logistics businesses that rely on air transportation.

WESTJET — introduces self-serve baggage tagging for its guests flying to the U.S. from Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal. Having launched the same service Nov. 7, 2012, in Calgary, WestJet is the first Canadian airline to introduce self-serve baggage tagging on non-stop transborder flights.

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