New FBO On Isle Of Man Offers Savings On EU-ETS And Handling Costs For Business Aircraft Making Tech Stops

Private Jet Company's new aviation facility promises savings of more than 60 percent to operators making tech stops prior to European destination

            In addition to a closed-circuit TV system that monitors every inch of the hangar and the entire ramp area at all times, two pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras were also installed to look in every direction in all operation areas,  Plasma screens in the line office and at the CSR desk project these images.     

            Private Jet also has a secure access control system. Every door that leads to a secure area, such as the hangar and ramp, is on a card reader key pad and monitored by a camera. The only way to get to those areas is with a qualified badge and PIN number. The FBO is also protected by Critical part Fencing, which was designed to meet the Department for Transport compliance for  perimeter security fencing. 

Future Maintenance Operations

            "We've modeled our hangar area to eventually house a maintenance facility,” said Corlett. This business opportunity would mean being fully equipped to perform most light and heavy airframe and engine jobs other than a hot section.

            Our initial staff would include an IA and A&P and if needed, additional manpower can be flown in from anywhere in the United Kingdom.                                           

            "In planning for the future we envisioned a maintenance shop space at the rear of the hangar that would be  designed for ease of access to all equipment, plus offer ample space to keep tools and other accessories out of sight when not in use,” added Corlett.

Long Term

            “We do not want to be the biggest—we want to be the best, and that meant creating a FBO based totally on our experiences. We have landed and seen services at thousands of FBOs over the years, plus explored multiple aviation communities.                                                                            

            "As such, we learned what we liked and what we didn't like. All told, those choices—what we liked—are represented in our FBO today,” said Corlett.            

            "The future for Private Jet  looks promising. We are targeting new business opportunities with our expanded resources over the next several years," Corlett concluded.                                                              

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