FBOs Of The Future

Technology improvements for FBOs, fuel suppliers, flight departments, and software vendors will take on a new sense of urgency as industry gains the ability to link systems and cost-effectively deploy system solutions

Fuel companies will use their buying power and demand auctions and dispatch via the best carrier price in a given market. Likewise, suppliers will optimize terminal pricing to provide the FBO the lowest price. Multiple racks will compete for fuel sales or use inventory algorithms in place of weekly or daily pricing and fuel will be sold into-storage real-time.

Other aspects of FBO workflow will simplify via technology. With the pervasiveness of mobile devices, checklists will move to web-based applications. For example, quality control checklists on refuelers will push to line service technicians, and connections to electronic metering systems will prevent flow unless proper quality control procedures are completed. Fuel suppliers will monitor activity and support FBOs with computer based training modules and videos.

On refuelers, VoIP systems will allow fuel supplier representatives to communicate with line service or monitor a fueling operation via video. Around the FBO, checklist applications will track aircraft for revenue and ensure overnight fees for hangar and ramp are applied. The mundane aspects of facility maintenance will also use mobile applications. Connectivity to inventory systems will automate supply ordering for the office, bathrooms, break rooms, and lobby areas.

Technology Barriers

Unlike other industries, a lack of standards exists and there is little potential for cooperation among vendors and suppliers as each makes business decisions regarding integration costs. In other industries open-source agreements have overcome cost and competitive barriers to spawn technology revolutions.

As a leading fuel supplier, we have long recognized the need for technology and have undertaken multiple initiatives over the last two decades to provide cutting edge programs for our FBOs and cardholders. EPIC’s CompassTransaction Management System is just one example of the many products and services we are developing to help our customers grow through technology and innovation.

Our websites are the springboard to interface with external systems and support cardholders and FBOs allowing transfer of information to outside systems. Our focus at EPIC is ensuring systems are: scalable, replicable, cost-efficient, and customer centric. Our customers, both cardholder and FBO, drive our business decision making and determine where investments are made. We serve as a business partner to our customers and are striving to meet the obvious objectives, but also seek technology to give us a competitive edge.

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