Planning for Sustainability

FBOs and other aviation service companies are looking to 'go green' as much as they can within the budgets they have

“Most of the solutions are very high-tech … how long do those systems last, and for how long are they efficient? Those are the big questions regarding life cycle and efficiency related to some solar technology solutions.

“I think people need to study them very carefully. If you are paying for these systems by yourself, without some form of accelerated tax depreciation or government rebate, it’s very hard to calculate a return on investment.”

Future Of Sustainability

Comments Hart, “While some of the airport’s green efforts have been small, common-sense, and methodical, a few have been game changers.

“Working toward LEED certification for all new construction projects is a game changer. The West Side Corporate Aviation Development at CHA was completed in July 2011 and has been awarded the highest level of LEED certification. The development was built with environmental sustainability, occupant health, comfort, and cost savings in mind.”

Explains Dye, “I think we are going to get into ‘smart’ building materials … where building side-walls are not just providing the skin of a building, but are also a solar water-heating panel, for example.

“Sustainable solutions will be architecturally integrated into the skin of the building. Certainly there are people out there making wall panels that provide heat or ventilation right now; much of this will come on slowly and in increments.”

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