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Equipment diagnostic tools promote airport energy efficiency, equipment uptime

Hand-held laser tachometers present a safe and simple way to measure how fast a conveyor is running without the risk of touching the moving machinery. Likewise, to monitor and measure vibration, there are devices such as the SKF MicroVibe P Kit that look like a hand-held PDA. It can collect vibration-related information to aid in diagnosing and correcting problems, providing maintenance professionals with a reading of good, fair, caution or danger, based on ISO Vibration Evaluation standards.

After a moving-part mechanical problem has been identified, a stroboscope can be very helpful in safely performing any further evaluation necessary to diagnose the issue and devise a solution. By looking at moving machinery through a stroboscope, a maintenance professional can see moving parts as if they were ‘frozen,’ and safely evaluate and inspect airport equipment while it is running.

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Paul Michalicka is a North American area sales manager for maintenance products at SKF USA Inc., which is based in Lansdale, PA. He can be reached at

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