PrimeFlight’s Data-Driven Ground Support

A management information system puts employees where they need to be when they need to be there.

While management has tweaked the system to fit the needs of an airport service firm, the basic software product actually comes from the hospital industry where its primary purpose is to automate the work flow of transporting patients using straight-forward, intuitive orders transmitted to hand-held devices. (For more on the system’s origins within PrimeFlight, see our sidebar “SSR Services”).

PrimeFlight continues to use it for its original purpose of dispatching equipment and personnel, but management continues to modify it to better track service performance.

“The system, for example, allows us to easily complete quality control checks on cleaning,” Leonard explains. “Our auditors can go through a checklist on the handheld devices and immediately upload the results into a file that is accessible to local management to determine how well we are cleaning aircraft.”

With its version of SynTrack, PrimeFlight gets real-time visibility to the location of equipment, personnel and passengers that the company sees as ultimately tying together all its ground support and passenger services.

“We measure everything we possibly can to ensure we are meeting our customer’s expectations,” Marudas adds. “SynTrack allows us to expand on that capability by setting best practices standards throughout all our locations and giving more immediate feedback to our employees on meeting those standards.”

In summary, here’s what the system provides:

  • Optimizes schedules to support customer service standards based on changing schedules, volume or requirements.
  • Supports seasonal staffing and scheduling adjustments.
  • Benchmarks productivity to ensure optimal performance and productivity.
  • Provides service quality and productivity trend analyses.

The company started using SynTrack in 2010 at two airports and has since implemented the program in nine other locations with a total of 12 sites expected before the year’s end.

Over that time, PrimeFlight also decided to upgrade all its handheld devices to the Motorola ES400 PDA.

“It looks like an over-sized iPhone,” Leonard says. Employees easily get instructions through the device and can “time stamp” procedures from beginning to end.

A key feature is that large touch screen. The SynTrack software allows the company to configure the screen so that any number of activities can be organized and tracked by time and location.

“When events are within our set standards, they stay green,” Leonard says of the Motorola’s screen. “But if we are approaching that minimum time that we’re allowed to complete the job, it will start to flash.”

Those challenges can be communicated to a supervisor who can immediately make needed adjustments. Management, however, can use the important information captured by the process to determine at a later time, if there are bigger issues that need to be addressed in order to get the job done promptly.

“From a service perspective, that’s huge,” Leonard adds, “and it leaves absolutely nothing to chance.”

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