Creative Paint Schemes

From concept to attention grabbing

Capital was provided a full set of schematic design drawings for the Biffle Falcon from Scheme Designers and Webber says, “Painting a multi-colored design to exacting measurements requires attention to detail. It’s very important to have everyone communicating with one another, so everybody is on the same schedule. As an example you need to have a plan of action for each color and where to apply them on the aircraft. Individual colors are done one at a time, even when a paint scheme may have colors overlapping one another. You apply the first color and when dry, re-mask the plane for the next color, apply the next color, and repeat the process until you are finished.” Webber says, “If you have just one painter out of sync it can mess up your day real fast.”

Many times the aircraft owner/operator will choose the type of paint system they want applied. Other times a customer just wants a quality paint used and the paint facility will work with the customer to choose a system based on the type of aircraft, type of operation, and cost.

In the case of the Falcon 50, the Sherwin-Williams’ paint system was used. The entire paint system consisted of several products each having its own individual step; Chrome Hazard Free Primer, High Solids Epoxy Surfacer, Fill Bond, Jet Glo Conventional Matterhorn White, Acry Glo Conventional Metallic Seminole Red, Black Velvet and Windfield Bronze, Acry Glo Conventional Aviation Gray, and SKYscapes Clearcoat. Webber says start to finish, the Falcon paint process took approximately four and a half weeks to complete using a 12-person crew.

Webber shares his thoughts on paint system selection. “Ideally customers will choose a paint system we are accustomed to working with.” He says, “Being familiar with the paint system can be a big advantage for any paint facility. The Sherwin-Williams system used on the Falcon 50 is very user friendly, we’ve been using it for a long time, and our painters are very comfortable using it.” AMT


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Ron Donner has held both technical and management roles in general aviation and during his 27 years with Northwest Airlines. He holds FAA certificates as an A&P/IA and a commercial pilot.

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