2012 Top 40 Under Forty: Shannon Hicks

Shannon Hicks

Graphic Designer;

Gulfstream Aerospace

Date of Birth: 2-1-74

Years in Aviation: 12

Ann Landers once said, “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” While Ms. Landers may have coined the phrase, Shannon Hicks has embraced it as her motto.

Thirteen years ago, Hicks walked into a small family-owned business, on the recommendation of a friend, and found four people sitting in the lobby, which was dark from a power outage. Her first thought was, this can’t be a good sign. That was the first day in her aviation career.

As the production manager for an industrial/commercial studio specializing in aviation, the majority of Hicks’ work load began with the request for photographs, scheduling the location and in-house studio shoots, and wrapped up with the delivery of the images. On many occasions she would have the privilege to work with the film developer and the studio photographer, gaining experience and learning from veteran professionals.

The company’s studio transitioned from conventional film to a digital platform. The transition exposed Hicks to skills she still uses today; everything from applying darkroom and lighting techniques utilizing photoshop and skills to bridge the generation gap and embrace technology changes. Hicks is grateful for folks at Bud Shannon Photography, Inc. for giving her an opportunity to be an apprentice in such a pivotal transition in the aviation and photographic industries.

Hicks never imagined her husband’s chosen profession, as an aerodynamicist, would have such an impact on her own career path.

The couple moved to Savannah to work for Gulfstream in 2003. She has worked with the leadership team on various projects, traveled to support regional customer meetings, and worked on art projects with other industry giants.

She was also honored to be a contributing part of Gulfstream’s launch of a full-service multimedia center at its product support headquarters to enhance and increase communication with operators. The center, which includes a broadcast studio, control room, and equipment room, allows Gulfstream to produce live streamed webcasts, videos, and recorded broadcasts.