Aircraft Maintenance Technician Outlook

Over the years and decades most of us have heard the prediction, there’s an aircraft mechanic shortage coming . Yet the industry seems to get by and this wholesale shortage of AMTs, at least here in North America has not yet occurred. One can speculate...

The AMT career of the future will not be the same as it is today, or as it was for many of us yesterday — but the data suggests it is there. New-generation aircraft will require technicians to continually develop new skills; holding an A&P certificate alone may get you in the door, but continuing education and knowledge will be key factors to the career-minded AMT. Some future career opportunities may require you to spend time or relocate overseas. Effective communication skills, learning another language, or learning about other cultures would all be beneficial when preparing for this career track. Regardless of your career choice, the advice from many is to be prepared for what comes next.

Ron Donner has held both technical and management roles in general aviation and during his 27 years with Northwest Airlines. He holds FAA certificates as an A&P/IA and a commercial pilot.

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