Opportunity; Maintenance, repair and alteration under the ASTM consensus standard

Maintenance, repair and alteration under the ASTM consensus standards

The second hot spot concerns the manner in which Airworthiness Directives on type certificated components incorporated into S-LSA are to be communicated to owners and maintenance personnel. Initially it was understood that such continued airworthiness information would be disseminated via the “Notice of Corrective Action” system established by ASTM Standard F2295. Again, FAA legal counsel have recently published an opinion that ADs are independently applicable to S-LSA pursuant to FAR 91.327(b)(3). Since some S-LSA manufacturers have not done a very good job of running their continued airworthiness systems under the ASTM standard, the FAA’s concern here is understandable. Any AMT working on these aircraft must pay close attention to this as yet unresolved issue, and be certain that all applicable ADs have been addressed. Do not rely upon the manufacturer to provide notice.

ASTM is here to stay

None of the apparent complexities of the new system, or the problem areas that have developed, have deterred Paradis. He enjoys working on these often very innovative aircraft. His reputation has developed to the point where most S-LSA owners in the area are aware of AeroParadise. (Visit www.aeroparadisellc.com.)

Although the industry is struggling to increase sales volume, S-LSAs and the ASTM consensus standard system are here to stay. It is inevitable that more and more maintenance shops will embrace this new segment in the next few years as the number of these aircraft needing service continues to increase. For now, the field is wide open to the early adapters. AMT


For more information on ASTM visit www.astm.org.

Ed Leineweber is an aviation and business attorney practicing in Madison, WI. He is a CFII and holds the LSRM certificate. He previously operated two FBOs and managed both airports. He is an incurable Bowers Fly Baby aficionado; currently restoring a nearly 50-year-old Fly Baby. Ed regularly writes a SP/LSA column for the Midwest Flyer Magazine. He can be reached at eleineweber@bmrlawyers.com and (608) 604-6515.

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