A Multifunctional Approach

A look at multi-purpose airfield equipment and solutions that allow airports to do more with less

With regard to future trends, Stearn comments, “I think that the trend of multifunctionality, or equipment that can be utilized to perform several different functions on a year round basis, will continue.

“If you could find one piece of equipment to do everything, it would be the biggest seller in the world. The trend is going to continue so that airports can have fewer pieces of equipment requiring less maintenance and manpower.

“The airports come back to us sometimes and say, ‘We love this ... is there any way you could add this attachment to it,’ — and we agree that almost anything can be done at a cost, so it’s a matter of filtering the ideas and coming up with things that can be produced and engineered in a cost-effective way.

“I’m sure multifunction equipment will continue to evolve, it’s just a matter of modifying and tweaking what’s out there.”

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