Vestergaard Celebrates 50 Years

Godtfred Vestergaard started manufacturing a lifting device for pianos, but soon found his expertise better suited for deicer trucks.

The Vestergaard Academy provides “tailored” training to its customers’ operators and service personnel (as well as its own employees). Courses are either held at a customer’s facility or in classrooms at Vestergaard headquarters.

Here are a few highlights of the past 50 years:

  • 1962: Godtfred Vestergaard starts “Ingenirfirmaet G. Vestergaard” at his home outside Copenhagen. The company’s original product was aluminum molds for constructing mattresses. Later, the company started making lifts for a university near Copenhagen. Also, the company manufactured a piano lifting device for a music academy, a stage platform for a theater and attractions at the Tivoli Garden.
  • 1966: SAS asks Vestergaard to modify existing deicers. As a result, the company received an order to make new deicers. Nicknamed “Beanstalks,” the units consisted of a vertical, telescopic tower with a platform on top. An operator applied fluid to the aircraft using a spray gun. But SAS was soon buying larger American deicers with the advent of wide-body aircraft. The American units, however, suffered from several serious deficiencies, and once more Vestergaard was asked to make a number of modifications on the units.
  • 1981: Vestergaard starts building a new type of deicer, the Elephant Alfa, equipped with the now familiar telescopic spray boom. The Elephant MY and Elephant Beta and the Elephant BETA-15 will follow.
  • 1996: Godtfred Vestergaard retires as CEO. His son Stefan takes over.
  • 1997: Vestergaard Company Inc. (North American operations) established.
  • 2002: Company celebrates 40th anniversary and changes name to Vestergaard Company A/S.
  • 2009: First Elephant SIGMA introduced.
  • 2012: Vestergaard Company Asia established and Elephant Beta NG introduced.

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