Looking for the Big ASAP Success Story

In only four years, since October 2008, the total number of ASAP reports is about 220,000, and has been increasing by 20 percent annually.

Success story conclusion

This big success story, therefore, is a lot of small stories. Most are documented in the corporate ASAP files. Many are released to large shared data bases like the FAA Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ISIAS) system. Most importantly, no matter where the data ultimately resides, it is a way to find hazards that may otherwise go without proper corporate attention. Like the tang wheel washer above, ASAP and other voluntary reports are key components to ensure good data for the corporate safety management system, profitability to the share holders, and continuing on-time safety to the passenger. AMT


A detailed description of ASAP is available at faa.gov/about/initiatives/asap/.

Dr. William Johnson has spent more than 30 years as senior executive and scientist for engineering companies specializing in technical training and human factors before joining FAA in 2004. He is also an aviation maintenance technician and has been a pilot for more than 45 years.

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