Remove More Snow, More Quickly

Oshkosh Airport Products Group unveiled the H-Series XF snow removal broom at the 46th International Aviation Snow Symposium in Buffalo, New York. Designed with input from snow removal experts, the new H-Series XF front-mounted broom comes to market with a number of industry leading technologies to enable faster, smarter, and more reliable snow removal, says the company. Oshkosh Airport Products and SIB offer the SIB cassette brush system on all H-Series XF units sold in the U.S. The SIB cassette brush system minimizes bristle-changing time and labor costs. The SIB system also features easier operation, less vibration, and less snow packed in the bristles compared to traditional wafer brush systems.

Other advanced technologies on the H-Series XF include an available active weight transfer system, which keeps weight on the front axle for improved performance of the chassis and broom. The multi-function broom can simultaneously lift and rotate to reduce transition time at the end of the runway. An optional ground speed control system adjusts the broom RPM based upon chassis speed for optimum and consistent performance.

The Oshkosh Command Zone advanced electronics system helps provide a new level of operator control. The exclusive SmartPattern system compensates for bristle wear to maintain a more consistent snow removal pattern on the runway. An in-cab, interactive display with integrated joystick control provides for control and ease of operation. The XF broom head is powered by a dedicated Cummins QSX 11.9 liter, Tier 4i, EPA compliant engine. The chassis is powered by a dedicated Cummins ISX 12, EPA compliant engine. An external broom positioning system enables safer and easier broom setup and maintenance. The XF broom is available in 46-inch diameter broom and 18, 20, and 22-foot lengths.