Airfield Upgrades: Lighting

ADB Airfield Solutions is implementing an advanced airfield lighting solution in Ukraine to modernize the Donetsk International Airport. The Civil Aviation Authority of Ukraine awarded a category III airfield lighting contract to ADB for the airport to modernize its infrastructure for the upcoming European Football Championship.

Under the turnkey airfield project, ADB is supplying equipment for comprehensive runway lighting including LED’s for the taxiway; an Airfield Lighting Control System; AGLAS, an individual light control and monitoring system; and power equipment including the MCR3 Constant Current Regulator. In addition a surface movement radar, a meteorological system, and a noise and air pollution monitoring system will be installed;

ADB Ground Lighting

Also from ADB, airports can reduce their environmental impact by choosing ADB’s range of energy efficient products, according to the company. The end to end airfield ground lighting solution from ADB uses the latest technologies and alternate energy sources to reduce power consumption at every level.

The solution comprises the new AD-lights, EREL High intensity runway LED lights including existing taxiway LED lights, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) controlled regulators, the ALCS remote control, as well as the AGLAS individual lamp control and monitoring systems. It includes Advanced Power Supply (APS) and solar-powered low-intensity lights, which are durable, commercially available solutions.

AD-lights are a key component of the solution, addressing the end-to-end lighting needs of runway and taxiway areas and reducing power consumption by up to 70 percent.

ADB’s remote control system for airfield ground lighting combined with the AGLAS individual control and monitoring system (ILCMS) which has been installed at the Doha International Airport makes efficient use of energy by switching the lights on only where and when needed. The company’s solar-powered lights not only offer energy savings by using integrated photovoltaic solar panels but also substantially reduce the cost of installation, cabling, and civil works.

Carmanah Technologies Corporation

Carmanah introduces the first solar-powered high intensity runway light, the A704-H. The light is the first solar-powered High Intensity Runway Light (HIRL) with directional output. It can provide over 500 candela visible light in white or be switched to infrared mode for night vision goggle (NVG) operations.

Built on Carmanah’s 700 series platform, the A704-H features wireless control and integrates solar panels, battery, electronics, and LED light source into a compact, stand-alone unit requiring minimal maintenance, says the company. The replaceable battery extends service life beyond five years.

Already in service with the U.S. military, the A704-H is ideal for airfields where the operational profile requires high intensity lighting or where a cabled/solar hybrid solution is beneficial to operations. The product is designed for emergency runways, tactical airfields, or any airfield where grid power is not available or reliable.

Carmanah also creates accessories for its LED lighting aviation products. The aviation mat matched with a Carmanah solar light is ideal for temporary hazard marking on an airfield, says the company. The lights and mats clearly delineate construction areas from aircraft operating areas; it is also a simple but tough alternative mounting solution for runway lights that can expedite temporary or tactical airfield set-ups. The 16” x 16” rubber mat can support the mounting of an A650 or any of the 700 series (A702, 703, 704-5, A704-H);