Cloud Computing

How it is transforming aviation maintenance and improving safety.

How cloud computing aids the mechanic

Perhaps no one in the maintenance operation benefits more from cloud computing than the mechanic. Having real-time, immediate access to the most up-to-date libraries and regulatory information right on the shop floor is a tremendous improvement over older processes that required a dedicated workstation, or even a special room for maintenance and regulatory libraries.

Technical publications, service information, STCs, compliance tracking, parts availability, customer info, the latest regulatory updates, the most current maintenance procedures, forms, business procedures - all of it is available the second it’s needed. Having all information available in one cloud-based system from one source also provides commonality across manufacturers and publication types, which simplifies the job of searching and cross-referencing information.

Mechanics also have immediate access to the right information in the right way. They don’t need to worry about currency or whether someone has installed the latest revision disc. With cloud computing, mechanics always have access to the most current documentation, even when they are traveling or out in the field.

Parts lists can be generated by copying and pasting information directly form the technical publications, and can be electronically sent, reducing the time spent and risk of errors that were possible with old-style, handwritten parts requests. Productivity improves, as does safety and compliance because the information mechanics need is available when and where they need it.

Improved collaboration and learning

Via the cloud, aviation maintenance professionals can more easily and efficiently manage and share information with fellow workers and the company. In fact, improved collaboration is one of the greatest benefits offered by cloud computing. It’s easy for multiple users to access the same application and data at the same time and easily share information about the data. Notes with specialized information can be attached to documents. Company procedures and processes can be added to any publication.

Jeff Seiler is ATP director of product management. In January, ATP introduced its ATP Aviation Hub, powered by ATP Navigator technology, which can bring the benefits of cloud computing to any aviation maintenance operation. This online portal offers a wide array of valuable applications that empower users with functionality that is customizable to their specific business. For more information, visit


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