AMTSociety Mx Logs Update

New AMTSociety board members and extended benefits from Snap-on

Proto Industrial Tools are used by professionals in heavy-duty industrial applications, including auto-manufacturing plants, steel and airplane manufacturing, chemical plants, refineries, general manufacturing, transportation, and fleet maintenance for trucking, transit, and aircraft. With a global distribution network, Proto Industrial Tools are available on-the-job, anywhere in the world.

The tools are designed to be used under some of the harshest conditions like in deep mines, hot deserts and arctic tundra. They are put to work in many environments where the impact of injury or work stoppage can be catastrophic and costly. Proto customers demand the most durable and safest tools in the world. So, when they buy PROTO they are buying more than just tools - they are buying confidence that Proto tools will help keep them working longer and safer.

Professionals worldwide prefer Proto Industrial Tools for their outstanding quality, durability, and dependability. For more information, visit and


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