Maintenance Welding: Selecting the Right Accessories to Get the Job Done

From the torch and tungsten to the proper personal protective equipment, the proper tools improve the success of the application, as well as the welding operator’s comfort and safety.

Select a lightweight helmet with a large enough window to allow for good weld visibility, and look for one that is adjustable and padded to improve comfort.

Look for GTAW gloves that fit snugly to provide the dexterity needed for intricate GTA welding applications and also offer heat protection, and for a lightweight welding jacket as added protection.

Welding operators should also wear safety glasses under their welding helmets as added protection when the helmet is up, or in case an object enters through the back of the helmet.

Final thoughts

It’s important to have the proper accessories for the job – especially for aircraft maintenance welding where the components aren’t always designed with weld joint access in mind. Choosing quality accessories helps to ensure accurate welding repairs for parts that must maintain their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance throughout their service life. Remember too, proper personal protective gear is essential to welding safety and careful selection will improve welder and operator comfort in the long run.

Brent Williams is technical contributor for Weldcraft and marketing manager, TIG solutions for Miller Electric Mfg. Co. For more information email or call (800) 752-7620 or (920) 882-6800.



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