Composite Repair at FedEx Express

AMT visits the new shop at LAX

Sobczak explains, “It starts with the FedEx core philosophy: People-Service-Profit. We feel we have the best people in the industry, and that no one can do it better.” Sobczak went on to say, “We and our customers are better served doing as much as we can with our own people, and this is yet another way of taking care of our people by helping create job security with FedEx. We believe when we take care of our people, our people take care of our service and this takes care of FedEx (profit).

It became very clear how FedEx feels about its people. In fact LAX was one of three FedEx teams participating in the recent AMTSociety Maintenance Skills Competition. Chavez reminded me the vice president of maintenance from Memphis was one of the senior leadership staff that spent the entire time at the MSC, strongly supporting this type of participation and celebration. Given the tough times the airline industry AMTs have seen in recent years, it was refreshing to hear the focus on this company’s AMTs, and the explanation of the FedEx core philosophy of People-Service-Profit.

Ronald Donner holds FAA certificates as an A&P/IA, and a Commercial Pilot with Single and Multi Engine Land, Instrument Airplane and Glider ratings.

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