Airports Invest In Mobile Technology

In an effort to optimize the customer experience, airports are providing mobile solutions as airline passengers look to their palms for real-time day-of-travel information

The value of social media is especially great for small and mid-sized airports competing against larger travel hubs. Sixty-six percent of airports plan to integrate social networking functionalities for passenger service because of the brand-building potential and the reach of social platforms.

The Future

The airport industry has only just begun to tap into the power of mobile technology. Remote/self-service check-in, mobile boarding, and in-airport turn-by-turn navigation are all next-gen capabilities on the horizon.

Whether it’s a mobile website or native app, customers are looking to their palms for information and answers. Flight status, retail coupons, terminal maps, social integration — air travel information and mobile technologies are intersecting.

Today the channel represents an opportunity for competitive advantage; tomorrow it’ll be the norm — making it essential for airports to be innovative in their mobile offerings to stay ahead of the curve.

about the author

As CEO of FlightView, Mike Benjamin works with airlines and airports worldwide to develop mobile strategies, enhance customer service, and provide accurate, real-time flight information for travelers.

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