PSIM: Ready for Takeoff

PSIM ensures business continuity by providing situational awareness of incidents and operational issues, and by helping personnel respond with contingency plans to minimize disruptions

Another aspect that facilitates disaster preparedness is PSIM’s ability to leverage external real-time information sources. NICE recently completed an integration between its PSIM solution and the NC4 Risk Center service. The integration enhances the situational awareness picture in the PSIM solution by leveraging NC4’s early incident warning capabilities to alert command and control centers to relevant threats, such as extreme weather events or terror threats.

One final technological note — since PSIM systems are open and connect to security, safety, and operational systems through the use of gateways, they offer future adaptability, and seamless technology migration.

Airports can migrate to new technologies without having to replace existing sub-systems. PSIM brings everything together under one cohesive umbrella.

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Dr. Bob Banerjee is senior director of training and development for NICE Systems’ Security Division. In this position, Banerjee develops programs and initiatives to educate, train, and support an extensive network of security system integrators and dealers, and provide thought leadership for the company’s security industry outreach efforts. Bob can be contacted at

Yohai West is a subject matter expert in airport security/safety technologies including video management systems, incident management, and physical security information management (PSIM). As product marketing manager for NICE Systems, Yohai consults with airports worldwide on best practices and strategies to mitigate safety, security, and operational risks. Yohai can be reached at

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