Positioning Your Company for a Sale

The ultimate goal is to enhance the company's value and marketability to prospective buyers, and to get the best price in the shortest possible time.

For those seeking additional information on positioning their aviation or maintenance business for sale, it may be best to consult an expert, who can provide assistance in both valuation as well as insight to potential buyers in the market. One such expert, Michael Dye is the president of Business Presentation Solutions LLC, a Denver-based company that owns and operates www.FBOsforSale.com and www.FBOConsultant.com, aviation-related web sites focused toward assisting aviation business owners and buyers with the marketing and sale of their aviation businesses. Dye was instrumental in the resourcing of this article. AMT


DeborahAnn Cavalcante leads Diversified Aviation Consulting (DAC) and along with her associates has firsthand experience in air carrier operations, private charter aircraft, general aviation operations, military/civilian interface, FBO management, maintenance repair station training, safety training, human factors training, and customer service training. For more information on DAC visit http://www.dac.aero.

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