Flightcom: Ground Support Product Leader 2012

The company’s headsets offer hands-free mobility and clear communication to ground support crews.

“We’ve seen instances where the same wired headset has been repaired eight to 12 times annually,” Walsh adds, “and the majority of those repairs are either for broken wires or cables.”

Such an after-market installation of wired headsets on deicing equipment, Walsh also notes, is expensive and can be eliminated with a true wireless system.

“And anyone in the bucket loves that they aren’t tethered,” Walsh adds, “and the drivers like the fact that they can get out of the truck and still be in communication.”

The setup is different for deicing operations. A vehicle-mounted base station provides communication between the driver and the deicer. But the system can also be configured to provide push-to-talk communication with ground control or other teams by way of two-way radios.

Walsh also notes that Flightcom’s wireless systems can be used for maintenance as well as pushback and deicing.

In this instance, the ComHub supplies hands-free communication to the maintenance crew, no matter where they’re stationed.

“Our system allows maintenance technicians inside and outside the aircraft to stay in continuous voice contact,” Walsh says, “and that’s a far better alternative than banging on the wall to get someone’s attention. Maintenance personnel also enjoy the ability to communicate in real time during aircraft movement.”

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