Cygnus Aviation Expo 2012 Report

New products, directions, people and leaders on display at this year’s show.


We held two seminars at the show that both focused on possible new directions the industry may take in electric GSE.

Our first seminar discussed alternatives to traditional rechargeable lead-acid batteries. Corvus Energy’s CEO Brent Perry, discussed lithium power and laid out his case for electric GSE powered with such a source. Brad Compton, vice president of sales and marketing for TUG Technologies, shared a manufacturer’s perspective on electric and other green GSE possibilities, such as retrofitting traditional combustion engines with Tier IV engines.

Our second session focused on what might be in store for the next generation of rechargeable batteries. Todd Allen, president, Allen Energy, has been providing batteries and chargers for GSE since 1993. He also shared some “best practices,” from the companies he’s worked with that have made the transition from diesel power to electric power more productive.

Meanwhile, our sister publication, Airport Business, and colleague Brad McAllister held a well-attended seminar on social media. Panelists included Jetwhine blogger Robert Mark; Cutter Aviation’s Ryan Keough; and aviation business marketing consultant Paula Williams.


We think the best part of any trade show is meeting plenty of new people as well. While I didn’t spend much time at our booth, when I was there I met a recent MBA grad from MIT who was testing prototypes of a new collision avoidance system (go to for more) and a former investment banker planning a new career by selling LED lights for the aviation industry (go to for more).

During lunch, I just ended up sitting next to an attendee who was developing a solar-powered baggage cart.

And with literally 15 minutes to go before the show ended, we enjoyed meeting Gayl Tibbs, Western regional manager for David Clark Company, Inc. who filled us in on the interesting beginnings of the company, as well as its “sideline” business making the space suits for NASA’s missions (go to for more).

As it turns out my first trip to the Cygnus Aviation Expo was my last trip to the Cygnus Aviation Expo. Here’s another new “product” announced at the show: Next year’s trade show will be called AviationPros LIVE. Turn to our Publisher’s Note on page 34 for more.

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