Regional Service Centers

One OEM's approach to global aircraft maintenance support

He recommends a personal continuous improvement program where AMTs take business and finance courses or learn a second language. “Business aviation AMTs must stay current with technology and as customer-facing employees, develop good customer service and communication skills. They also must be developing their capacity for larger roles and positions with their companies.”

Younger’s position was echoed by a panel of three executives from major business aircraft MRO companies during the recent Cygnus Aviation Expo in Las Vegas who stated that their businesses were growing again so they were looking for and hiring AMTs that demonstrated good values, ethics, and communication skills.

After hearing from Bombardier’s executives about their business strategy and implementation of service hubs, we can only conclude that other MRO companies wanting to enter and compete in the global marketplace have their work cut out for them. It was also apparent that aviation company executives are placing much greater importance on AMTs having or developing business and customer service skills. AMT


Editor’s note: These interviews were made possible through the diligence of Mark Masluch, Advisor, Media & Public Relations, and Bombardier Customer Services.

Charles Chandler received his A&P from Spartan College, BA from Tulsa University, and has been involved in maintenance training and leadership development for most of his career.

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