Procedures 101

A government and industry workshop tries to untangle the web of technical information and regulations and make it easier to follow procedures.

The top issue is the inconsistent communication of expectations regarding technical information. The solution must emerge with new regulations and guidance materials. Such materials must be created in concert with industry groups. The members believed there must be increasing reliance on industry toward a process of internal validation and acceptance of information systems.

Perhaps the best finding of the workshop was the unanimous agreement that current technical information must evolve to today’s working environment. There are many modern solutions to ensure that proper application of technical information can contribute to ongoing safety, increased work efficiency, and enhanced job satisfaction.

Dr. William Johnson has spent more than 30 years as senior executive and scientist for engineering companies specializing in technical training and human factors before joining FAA in 2004. He is also an aviation maintenance technician and has been a pilot for more than 45 years.

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