How To Increase Safety And Efficiency Of Refueling Operations

One obvious safety precaution ground support personnel can take is made easier through static grounding reels.

Although 95 percent of fueling operations are portable through the use of 3,000- to 17,500-gallon trucks, AV gas refuelers, regenerator ramp carts or hydrant trucks and carts, reels can also be mounted on permanent installations.

Grounding reels from Hannay are available with several connector attachments used for a variety of grounding hookups. Hannay offers different colored shielded cables in varying lengths with multiple clamps for many types of grounding fixtures, such as landing gears, posts, ground balls and rods, engine exhausts, wing lugs or bolts, bayonet plugs or metal lugs on the nose wheel strut where the tow bar attaches.

Grounding jacks, “Y” branches, and Browne and Alligator clamps are available to make the connection process easier. Single or twin leads also allow versatility during the grounding procedure.

Hannay’s HGR and GR Series reels feature an adjustable guide arm that holds the cable in position. When it returns to the drum, the cable feeds neatly onto the spool rather than wrapping around the reel itself. It also keeps the cable from kinking, which can prematurely wear the cable and decrease its overall life.

The arm has teeth that adjust the reel to any position, vertically or horizontally, to dispense the cable from the top, bottom, side or back of the reel. This totally adjustable arm is designed for any cable outlet position, allowing complete user control.

Customers may choose optional stainless steel construction of the spool, frame and ratchet system to withstand harsh runway conditions. Standard, oven-cured enamel is used to coat all reels unless otherwise specified. A non-sparking ratchet assembly and declutching arbor is also featured on this model.

Designed specifically for ground support operations and built to last using the best materials available, aviation reels increase on-site safety and operational efficiency in dangerous refueling processes.

As a 31-year veteran of Hannay Reels, Ed Rash, director of marketing communications, supervises all activities and personnel involved in advertising, marketing and public relations.

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