CAE 2012 Exhibitor Showcase

Rampmaster  Rampmaster's patented Engine Management System features engine-contolled pump modules that reduce engine rpm, saving fuel and emissions. Features include: no more complex venturi or control valves to purchase or maintain; fuel economy up 40...

The new Garsite refueler test facility, located at the company's Kansas City manufacturing plant, includes an 18,000 gallon fuel storage installation connected to a computer-controlled, digital monitoring office. The test facility duplicates the in-the-field fueling functions of each unit, from Jet-A hydrant carts to 15,000 gallon refuelers. Upon completion of each refueler Garsite manufactures, a complete series of tests are applied to verify the performance and safety of each unit;

Sprung Instant Structures

Sprung offers high performance building solutions, such as the structure used to house 40 custom vehicles at the Denver International Airport (DIA). Sprung supplied more than 63,000 square feet of fully insulated structures with four 28-foot wide and 14-foot high rolling service doors. The clearspan design supports a drive-through direction for the large snow-removal vehicles at DIA. The design is relocatable and the project was completed in less than six months;

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