How To ‘Ramp Up’ New Ramp Operations

Matheson Flight Extenders has long specialized in ground support for the USPS, but is branching out into the commercial sector.

Asiana also operates flights at other Flight Extenders locations. The airlines said at the start that they will evaluate the Portland operation to determine if they will make a switch.

“We have very open lines of communications,” Tagart adds. “We’re always talking a lot with our staff about our performance standards – that we want to run efficiently and show a profit on the bottom line.”

For the customer, Tagart says the clear communications extend not to just what they’ve done right, but also what didn’t go according to plans.

“We’ll provide them with the corrective action that we’ll take to fix it,” he adds.

O’Donnell will also be keeping a sharp eye on the Asiana contract.

“It’s great to see that the high-quality systems and service that we’ve built into our company do translate well and are appreciated in commercial business like Asiana,” O’Donnell says. “We believe there is quite a future for us there to grow.”

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