Information Technology: Maintenance Software

Avtrak GlobalNet

Avtrak’s GlobalNet system now has the capability to calculate “alternate cycle tracking” data using customized flight log interfaces. The system incorporates formulas unique for each make and model of helicopter and are kept up-to-date through Avtrak’s propriety algorithms and master data sheets used within the system. Avtrak offers aviation compliance services for virtually all makes and models of business aircraft including jets, turboprops, and helicopters. For more information visit

Aircraft Maintenance Systems

Since 2001, Aircraft Maintenance Systems has provided world-class aircraft maintenance and inventory software to more than 200 companies in 36 countries. AMS software is a user-friendly, feature-rich, and customer-proven solution that allows you to plan, track, and execute maintenance while managing logistics. AMS offers paperless options that include electronic logbooks and digital signatures. For more information: or (888) 471-0252.

ATP Aviation Hub

The ATP Aviation Hub is a new online service which offers a wide variety of Apps specifically designed for aviation maintenance operations. Apps include: Reference Library App, Profile and Compliance App, Parts Exchange App, Resource Management App. The Reference Library App provides access to more than 750 maintenance libraries from more than 50 manufacturers and regulatory agencies. More information:

Commsoft OASES Maintenance Management Software

The OASES system covers: reliability, tech logs, and defect control; technical records and forecasting; airworthiness directive/service bulletin evaluation; planning and workpack production; digital documentation for workcard manual attachments; and aircraft maintenance program revision management. Commsoft (Communications Software (Airline Systems) Ltd.) has been developing and selling aircraft maintenance software since 1971. Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES) is in service with more than 50 airlines and maintenance organizations worldwide, supporting more than 70 aviation operations. More information available at

Component Control Quantum Control

Quantum Control is a fully integrated business software solution. Its unique features promote best practices and improve business processes with one integrated solution running on one database. Includes MRO, aircraft services, hangar management and manufacturing capabilities, contact management, distribution and rotable management, accounting, E-commerce, and more. For more information visit

Continuum Applied Technology Inc.

Corridor Aviation Service Software consistently offers new features designed to streamline the aviation service process. Recent updates included enhanced work order and quoting modules to speed performance and provide additional work order management tools. Upgrades to the integration of regulatory compliance and work orders within CORRIDOR provide a streamlined compliance process, taking compliance events as they become due directly to a work order or work order quote, and updating the compliance records upon work completion. For more information:, (512) 918-8900, or


CribMaster provides RFID tool control solutions. In collaboration with Proto, CribMaster has recently developed ProtoID. With this, CribMaster has an additional feature called “Discovery Mode” which will automatically recognize the ProtoID tools and automatically create the item data and bin information in the software. This makes system setup fast, easy, and reliable. For more information call (888) 419-1399 or visit

Dynamic Systems Tool & Maintenance Manager

DSI has released “Tool & Maintenance Manager,” targeted for airports to reduce the loss of tools and save time tracking them down. Maintenance Manager satisfies that maintenance is performed in accordance with FARs, OSHA, and Department of Public Safety (DPS) procedures. Stockroom tracks inventory used and sets reorder points. The programs are user friendly and flexible. For more information: (800) 342-3999 or visit

Pentagon 2000 Software

Pentagon 2000SQL is an aerospace and defense MRO software that supports parts distribution and brokerage, repair and overhaul of complex equipment, logistics support and supply chain management, and heavy aircraft, depot level, and line maintenance. The Audit Trail module enables Pentagon administrators to designate mandatory fields for a complete audit trail. For more information: (800) 643-1806 or (212) 629-7521 or


SkyBOOKS is a web-based analyst supported flight operations, maintenance tracking, inventory/tool management, and electronic document management tool utilizing intuitive metrics to main compliance across all operational elements. New features include fleet reporting, Alert notification, enhanced event planning report capability. SkyBOOKS currently supports 20 OEM product lines. For more information:, (904) 741-8700, or

Tdata iTrax Inventory Tracking Software

Itrax offers an all new, customizable look and feel with full screen capability and restore last window location. Parts accountability and tracking allow for complete tracking of disposed items. User access control and password protection allow only authorized users to access the software. Enhanced search capability for searching disposed, serialized and non-serialized parts. Improved installer allows for easier installation on both client and server. For more information: (800) 783-2827 or (614) 885-1169 or

Total FBO

Print one report to let pilots, maintenance staff, and charter sales personnel know when an aircraft will need to be down for maintenance. Each time you invoice the flight, times and cycles are automatically updated on the aircraft record for a truly current maintenance status. For more information: sales: (800) 359-9804, and support: (918) 355-3469,